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Things to Ponder on 1 – What is music?

This was a Journal entry from a few weeks ago that I felt would be nice to share with others.

Asking what is Music is not a very simple question, you can make it a simple answer by saying it’s vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. As amazing as that makes it sound, I feel it doesn’t really come close to the number of ways that you could describe music.

But if you put a gun to my head and told me to answer this question in one sentence, I would simply say, it’s whatever you want it to be.

Music is merely an expression of sound from whatever the creator may be, there is the music of nature when the wind blows through the branches in just the right way along with the cars skirting across the roads, the soft whistle of birds, all forms a symphony of nature, and it’s beautiful; and it’s just as beautiful as the sound of a toddler randomly hitting his mallets on his kid set xylophone; the actual effect it may have on the individual is a preference, not a dictation.

I understand there can be a communal agreement that maybe one mixture of sounds is more pleasing, more calming, and more emotional. But there is also music, that as a communal or individual, believes that a form of music is terrible music or something that can’t even be music, does not mean that it isn’t.

Just as some art isn’t understood at the moment but maybe people will seem to get it years from now. 

I understand stating this may almost feel like an insult to many who hold high pride in liking a more “sophisticated” music, but just because one may find it that way doesn’t mean the perspective of everyone will be as such.

I just feel that no matter what mixture of sounds you hold up to your ear, you will find some pleasing, some unsettling, but none of them will have the ability of not being accounted for as music. Music at its core is just another art, another form of expression of one, and all of existence’s endless creativity.

No matter what I feel that I will hold that opinion to music because for me to change my opinion on that would be to change my outlook on art, creativity, emotion, expression, individualism, and many more traits and personal codes I hold true to myself as I feel that it lets me view the world in the most open way possible, not to just never have my own opinion but instead I feel it helps me to never form an opinion before I’ve taken something in myself to truly know what I feel about it, never forgetting that whatever I think is not the ultimate, but simply what I think.

Music is just an expression, as is a dance, a painting, a movie, a poem, music is a sliver of the experiences whatever the creator may be wishes to share.

Wanted to just add this so you had something to look at, its a picture I took of a stained glass painting at the Houston Art Museum.

Closing statements.

Thank you for being here, this is my first of things to ponder on which will tend to be very similar to this, just things I feel are good to intently think about, and well, ponder on.

I hope you have a great day.

Get 1% better today and be the best version of you today.

Talk again soon.

Also here’s a link to my one of the playlist on my Spotify account if you’re wondering what kind of things I’m interested in.


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