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Journal entry 10 – Journal #1 Quotes pt 1

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Just a small entry and some of my favorite quotes from this first completed journal

The first thing I wanted to say is I finished this over the course of 84 days to fill up my first journal. The journal is 70 pages so its very obvious I didn’t manage to stick to it every single day there were some days I would write 4-5 in one sitting. But the end of it all is I finished it. I wanted to make journaling a habit for a long time because I have always enjoyed it, but I never stuck to it. At least that is what I thought, I learned otherwise from the very first entry of this Journal.

Sun, May 15th 4:20 pm

About to head out to a lift but if I can stick to it I want to make it a habit to write more, no matter what it may be I do enjoy it when I take the time to, I just never happen to get to it. Maybe if I just stop thinking about it and just start writing more I’ll actually do it, a big problem I have is just setting measurable and very difficult goals that surround the thought process of consistency, and I devise the whole logic to how I will manage to make such and such a habit,

But all I ever end up doing is forgetting it one day then I’m like “oh I failed” and my mind like says I cant do that task anymore because I failed it once.

This little revelation here was the beginning of a love of journaling. I looked at that very simple but true line I wrote about myself made me realize the power that the pen and paper had.

In this I had the realization that making habits, at least for me wasn’t about saying I was going to do this every day, but just that I’m going to do this as much as possible when I can, and if I am searching for the time to do these things because I want to, instead of feeling like I have to, it made it a lot easier to build habits.

Ending quotes to my entries

For a lot of my journal entries I would write down a summary of what I feel I learned throughout the writing I did trying to summarize it within a single quote and wanted to leave some of those for you here.

Unfinished or unread is not the way I’d wish to write my own book of life, I know my own life is filled with it’s own things to learn from. So I must start reading with the same intent I wish to have writing my own book of life.

May 15th 9:53pm

There’s an infinite source of knowledge out for your grasp now. Which not only provides with the easiest access to the greatest minds and knowledge but also the easiest access to the most mind numbing, relatively useless, time wasting, nonsense.

May 16th 4:22 am

If something truly benefits you, your mind, and your body. Why is it not already a habit? is it not more important than the sleep you lose from being on your phone? was the hour spent mindlessly scrolling on social media better than freeing the thoughts of your mind on paper? or just finally letting them go through meditation? its not that they are difficult, so it could only be my self that is making it so.

May 19th 7:43 am

In a world of constant chaos. Never ending distractions you need to find time for yourself, to distract those distractions. Be present, be with yourself, your mind. Make it as important as strengthening your body. Be as excited as you are to workout your body to workout you mind. Building not resilience with life but instead adaptability. we don’t just want to be taking all the hits, but using them as much as we want to throw our own punches with this game of life.

May 23rd 8:35 am

I am attempting to make a beautiful canvas within my mind but continue to use the most awful colors imaginable.

May 24th 10:01

1. Today I will be better than I was yesterday, So sure of it that if i were to fight yesterdays me, I would surely win.

1b. In sureness of that I must better myself in every single thing I do, every action will decide if I can make that remark true, so choose your actions wisely, give yourself better thoughts, be kinder, more insightful, understanding, forgiving, whatever a good man may be,

Be it.

May 25th 10:29am

Life is created of this and that, same to which everything else that exist. Without this, or an excess of that. It, will be destroyed.

May 25th 8:18pm

It does not matter if we have free will as I don’t think it can or will fundamentally change how or why we live our lives. Free will ceases to matter whenever we start living in the present because we realize we are at the hands of the free will of the universe, not enacting but always being present and reacting to the ever changing constant flux of life.

May 28th 4:02 am

Closing notes

This is something I wanted to do for myself just so that I have these quotes somewhere for easy access as reminders. I hope you were able to get some insight from these. This is the month of may and I’m going to be doing multiple parts for you to read through the whole journal of closing statements. I hope you enjoy these because I feel these are the result of what I gained from journaling. If someone were to ask me what I learned over the course of this first journal, this would be my explanation.


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