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Journal entry 12 – A String of thoughts

Wanted to free write today, just started typing and for some reason I finished up with a poem, Always nice to see what comes from letting go

A little string of thoughts

Flowing like a line

Ever living in the present

Relentless through time

A little string of thoughts

Flowing through my head

Some wish I was Glorious

Some wish I was Powerful

some wish i was dead

Can this string get tangled?

Did I pull this string in too many directions at once?

Have I messed up?

Can I untangle this?


i can’t

this is it

i cant help it

i want to pull and pull at this string

but i never back track to fix what i have done along the way

there’s too much to fix

and i can no longer move forward

Is what I would say

Have said

But will never say again

I can’t give up

This life is so precious and I must see beauty through the pain

Always sun after rain


Always day after night


Those aren’t the same

one is guaranteed and one is hoped


The sun will always follow the rain

Maybe not immediately but sometimes

most of the time

it takes longer than expected

It might be cloudy after

But the sun will always shine again

It has happened every other time

Why wouldn’t it now?

is what I would say.

But then again

This is just a little string of thoughts.

Closing statements

I felt really good writing that today. It felt raw, it’s always nice to see something that happens unintentionally just from letting go of trying so hard, it may not be the greatest poem but I do enjoy where it came from.

Get 1% better today.

Be the best version of you.

Have a great day.

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