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Journal Entry 13 – No different than the wind

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No different than the wind

An entry from this morning’s journal session

People are no different than the wind.
The wind comes and goes, sometimes there’s a nice breeze and we sit with the wind. Sometimes we sit there with our hands out the window in hopes the breeze sifting through our fingers would never end.
But as wind will always do, it has to leave.

People are no different, you will meet all different types of people throughout your life, and it’s quite incredible the level we can connect with some.

“This hurts to say, and I need to recognize that many people throughout my walk of life will come and go. I had to learn that fast when I was moving away from Kentucky after becoming family with the people in Newman 3rd. (My dorm hall when I lived in Kentucky with my teammates.) People will come and people will go, that is just the way life works.
Sometimes you’ll meet someone and you’ll really hope that they won’t be one of those people that do that whole leaving part. But it happens.
I have to recognize that the pain I am feeling is not because I got attached, but I made an assumption that I would be able to keep that attachment, knowing that wasn’t only my decision. that thought process only brought worry and pain. I brought the pain upon myself always being in constant worry that I was going to lose this attachment. I was stuck in this future that didn’t exist, terrified, when the thing I was scared of losing was right there the whole time. It is a bummer to get that now finally. But at least I know”

People are like the wind, they will all come and go, and as nice as that wind may be, just be thankful for the kind breeze it gives you, at the moment. When it is gone, simply be thankful that you had the opportunity to experience it, and continue moving forward.
Treat people like the wind, forever thankful for what it brings you, but never trying to catch it and hold it. It will only lead to feelings of helplessness, anxiety, worry, and stress, over something that’s not yours to have.

Just because you don’t try to hold on, doesn’t mean that it’s gone, just because it leaves, doesn’t mean you lost it. it’s just simply taking its course of nature.

Closing statements

I hope you have a great day.

Get 1% better.

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