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JE 14 – Innocence and suffering pt.1

I have not been able just to sit down and write for a while, I asked a friend to give me some of the questions in life that she would want to be answered, of course, whatever I do answer isn’t absolute and should always be open for change, I’m hoping to bring my opinion on how I would answer these questions.

Why do innocent people suffer the most?

I want to start this by saying this can be answered from two major perspectives, not being the only perspectives but I feel the groups of religious and non-religious/agnostic, provides a lot of outlook on how you will look at this question.I will begin with looking at it from the spiritual/religious perspective.

(I am not speaking from any point of involvement with any specific religion but from the standpoint of a theologian, looking at religion from an outside perspective using mainly Christianity as it is what I am most familiar with.)

I say spiritual/religious because they are different things, spirituality being a sense of connectedness to something greater than you, something deemed “sacred”. Christan spirituality moves beyond awareness to one’s way of life, into a way of living out one’s faith.

Spirituality being the interior personal connection, the religious aspect is the communal part of the religion.

I will use some examples from religious texts and theological arguments.

What is innocence?

I feel that in this argument I would say that innocence is easier described by wording innocence as lack of sin, as I feel that that would describe, from a religious standpoint, being innocent.

So then we ask, what is sin?

Sin is a difficult thing to describe but I will try my best to form a proper opinion on what I think.

When I think of the word sin I feel that most they just think overall “bad things”, is sin. I feel that because for the most part, many find “sin” as something of subjective value rather than as a whole being able to say “this is a bad thing”. So I don’t want to make it anything objective because it’s not something agreed upon, even on religious community standards. I will label sin as being, doing something that you knowingly know is wrong, immoral, or against your nature as a human, this leaves it to still remain subjective to each individual, but still pertaining to the abilities of each as well.

The importance of looking at it as a sin is that we can go to the root of the problem.

We will never know why bad things happen to innocent people.

There is only three things guarnteed in the flesh, life, death, and suffering, all unavoidable and all should be welcomed with open arms.

I’m sorry and I thought about it, there’s no use in trying to reason it. Instead, we can look at why we suffer in the flesh, even if god is all good, powerful, and knowing, if he is so great, why do we suffer? Why do we remain to have faith in someone so cruel?

Starting with a tie between faith and religion with the writings ‘Epistle to the Romans’, the 6th book in the new testament written by Paul the Apostle. I feel he is better to represent faith in a God better than I do.

This gospel is a justification and salvation of the Jew and Greek alike by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. revealing the uprightness and love of God the Father. – Joseph Fitzmyer (Jesuit biblical scholar)

Assurance of salvation (5-11)

In chapters five through eight, Paul makes arguments for believers that they can be assured of their hope in salvation, and would be freed from the bondage of sin. Paul teaches that through faith, believers should always everlastingly celebrate in the assurance of salvation, and be certain that no external force or party can take their salvation away from them. This promise is open to everyone since everyone has sinned.

This assurance of salvation is our reason to endure whatever may fall upon us, this reality isn’t meant to be perfect; if it was we’d already be in the post-life holy land. Since we are not we have no reason to question the imperfection of nature.

The world, in Buddhist words, is an everchanging constant flux of life. I feel that this is just saying nothing that falls upon you is done because of you, or the amount of sin you haven’t or have committed, or good you have or haven’t done. It is simply nature taking its course, and it’s your job to continue with nature without resisting, it is a battle you will never win, and that will stand true every time. So you must learn to adapt and continue with your moral responsibilities.

I feel that to answer why innocent people suffer in a theological view, is answered by an unrelenting faith in the process and cycle of life, the thing you get with religion or spirituality is an answer to what lies after this reality, and you use that answer to be your key to life, suffering is no longer relevant, so you might as well take this time to be good and just. Act out as your belief would recommend, but at the end of the day.

Wish to become one of the innocents that suffer, not as something bad, but just as someone with an unrelenting faith in the good.

Jude Camacho

(I am so proud of that quote)

Get 1% better today, have a great day!

There will be a pt 2.


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