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JE 17 – Fall in love with the clouds

Free write journal entry. Just something I have been thinking about recently and I feel has for some reason been making my days a lot better, and wanted to share my thought process while I think into it.

To fall in love with the clouds

I have grown a big love for the clouds, the sky, the stars; the beauty of sunsets and sunrises. But the past few weeks the sky has just been taking me aback.

In the mornings on the way home from the gym I tend to end at the perfect time of when the sun is starting to rise, and I get an amazing view of the sunrise. Whether it be bright or dim, I always find myself looking at the beautiful randomness of the clouds forming within the sky.

Its a randomized piece of art and for some reason I look up and every day I still seem to be astonished with the beauty of it. When the sun is up and bright I find myself gazing out the window of my car nudging my friends, “dude the clouds look beautiful today”.

What really got me thinking about this is one of my friends responded with my comment saying “Why do you always say that? You say it every time we hang out and there’s not much special about the clouds each time you say it.”

I was genuinely baffled, this was the first time someone kinda called me out and bring it to light that I do say it really often.

So I started asking myself, was I wrong? Did I just like clouds and they’re pretty mundane?

As quickly as that thought came, it went away the moment I looked up at our beautiful sky and smiled again.

The Canvas of the sky

I think the biggest reason I find the beauty of the sky, is because its there every single day, under any circumstance, will the sky not be there.

Yes of course there’s certain circumstances that would make that false, but for my personal reasoning, I know when I wake up and go outside the sky will be above me, I will be able to look and see a newly made, one of a kind canvas, every single day.

Life at times will get horrid, ugly, vile and dangerous, but that is okay because I must make it to the next day, I am in love with the canvas of the universe and I absolutely must see its next piece of work. When I am tired, ready to give up, I must remind myself the work the universe has put in over millions of years to produce a single sunrise for me, the effort of nature for a single sunset, the billions of possibilities of the universe yet they still choose to lay this cloud above my head. I sure am thankful to the universe for bringing me this art.

Jude Camacho

The love of clouds in a simple way, has brought me happiness each day, it reminds me to find the beauty of the more “simple” things of life.

I don’t think its the fact that the sky is or isn’t beautiful, but simply up to you on how much beauty do you want the sky to hold, I choose to have a beautiful canvas above my head each and every day.

In conclusion I feel that choice I make each day, is whats been making my days great.

Closing statements.

Shorter article today but I just wanted to be sure that I wrote something here today as its been too long.

I really want to get back into the consistency of my post so be sure to be keeping a heads up for more post.

Have a great day, be the best version of you today.

I love you


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