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JE 18 – Free write entry

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Just a entry about something that has been on my mind lately

“You can’t regret the decisions you make, no matter what influence is upon you whether that be people or things. So choose your influences wisely.” – Jude Camacho

Free write entry

I have been thinking a lot lately, I haven’t been putting those thoughts here but this is the thing that kind of brought this whole thought process of no regrets to mind.

Why do people say no regrets? Not to ponder too much upon the past. I wanted to take some time to free write and explore that question so here I am.

I feel that I have had to take the time to learn on why you cant live in the past, and it is because of exactly that. When you’re thinking too much about the past, in a way with regret, i can immediate see on why its not something that you want to get stuck on.

You’re living in the past when you look back on it with regrets, you’re no longer living present, you’re no longer living in the moment, you’re living in a time that is already gone.

I feel like i sound like a broken record, why may that be?

Maybe it is because this isn’t supposed to be a long entry, maybe because there isn’t much more to say about the past as it is already gone.

I’m not sure, my mind has felt very empty lately but in a good way, almost as if I don’t want to think, my mind simply won’t. I can be present without having to think about the crowded non existent thoughts of the past or future.

Of course I am not perfect and I recognize that, just this morning I was making my day bad complaining about a lot of things, I was low on gas before I went to the gym, card repeatedly declining, I left my supplements that I needed at home, and this is only maybe an hour into my day.

I was labeling it as “one of those mornings”. But what did I mean by that? The morning wasn’t doing me wrong, I didn’t get gas yesterday when i saw that I was low, I was worried about that gas this morning and that caused me to forget my supplements. I wasn’t having a bad morning, and the morning had nothing against me nor any hold against me, instead its me and my own thoughts that were against myself.

I walked into the gym and someone asked me how I am doing, out of habit I said “amazing”. Its just the way I respond to that question now almost done to remind myself that if I want to be doing amazing I can be no matter what may be going on around me. its my decision on how I feel, I am in control of my actions. That is the only thing that I have control of.

Closing statements

Not a long nor very directed journal entry but I am glad to show up today, that is one thing that I want to work on this month is just the act of showing up. I have done it really well in some parts of my life but have neglected it very heavily in a lot of others. Glad to be back.

I hope you make today great.

Be the best version of you today.

I love you.


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