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JE 19 – Fight or Flight

Dedicated to Roman for reminding me to be here like I should be

“I feel that I have been confronted with choosing fight or flight a lot throughout my day and I need to start picking fight more often than not.”

I catch up with one of my friends Roman once or twice a month to just see how he is doing and what he has been up to in life. I randomly decided to tell him something I never mentioned from back in high school.


I recalled a time back when we both used to wrestle in high school and I mentioned how scared I used to be of him, as much as I didn’t admit it to anyone. I was scared of wrestling a lot of people, I think at the time it was because I had this security in the image people held of me, and to lose, was not a part of that image.

As much as I enjoyed the challenge of wrestling a tough opponent, I let the eyes and opinions of others affect my non existent mental outcome of a lot of matches.

I told him that one time in a dual against his school I faked an injury to be able to get out of wrestling him. It’s not because he was surely going to win. But I was scared and avoided ever having to answer the question between which one of us would be better that day, mentally I was satisfied just acknowledging we were both good wrestlers.

The reality of that situation is now I look back and wonder who was better, a question I will never get to know the answer to now. A page left unwritten.

That’s just one example but I feel like there is many times small or big throughout my day and life, I choose Flight. Choosing to go through the drive through instead of eating inside, silently sitting in the break room instead of talking, not giving that compliment I truly wanted to give.

I’m not just choosing flight, its not just a decision I am making in that moment, to run instead of fight. I need to keep in mind that at the same time, I’m choosing to be okay with never knowing what would happen if I did fight.

Jude Camacho


I don’t think there is much to say about fighting, its up to each individual and their individual situation to choose how they will fight.

With fighting there is a few things to keep in mind, in whatever fight you may be in.

Just because you fight doesn’t mean you will win. But you will never lose as long as you choose to learn.

It is not over until it is over.

Nobody ever won a hard fight giving 99%, never forget about the 1% you always have left to give.

Closing statements

Not a long entry but way too long since I have been here so Im glad to share this little thought I had today.

I hope you’ve had a great day. Get 1% better today and be the best version of you. I love you.


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